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About Jaguar Payday Loans

We bring over a decade of experience in the payday loan business into Jaguar Payday Loans. We stress simplicity, not pomposity. Here at Jaguar, we believe in the Three Ss – Speed, Service and Satisfaction.


Our Loan Specialists strive to not just find you a loan but find the right payday loan for you. Our experts usually contact you within about 15 minutes to confer and confirm the amount, payment arrangements and, because we really want your money to land in the right account, your bank information.

When you give us the nod, the money should be in your UK bank account in an hour or less.


We don't make you explain why you need or want the money: That's your concern. Our concern is meeting that need by quickly and competently – and respectfully – finding and discussing your loan with you to ensure you know and we know precisely what's happening and when.

Without service that meets or exceeds your expectations, you won't even consider coming back next time you might want a little extra cash. Besides, you deserve excellent service!


We guarantee that if you meet the four, easy qualifications, you will get your £80 to £1,000 quick cash loan from

We guarantee that the application process is quick and painless, and we don't make you fax or post it: It's electronic, and it's available 24 hours every day.

We guarantee that no creditor will know you applied for a payday loan. We don't quibble about your credit score: Your job is your credit.

Between our highly qualified experts who strive to serve faster and our watchdog solicitors who ensure we abide by UK law, we strive to work faster, better and more smoothly with each person for whom we arrange loans – customers like you.

It's your satisfaction that counts.